Our advisory reports are your resource for marketing & selling excellence. We typically produce 10-12 advisory reports annually that help our clients with marketing efforts, sales execution, budgeting, resource allocations, productivity improvements and education on the latest trends impacting the local marketplace. The reports are typically 10-15 pages and they provide benchmarks, case studies, key metrics, the latest trends, proprietary research and best practices. Examples of recent or upcoming reports are as follows:

  • A Star Rising: Native Advertising
  • Beacons Impact on Mobile Marketing
  • Changing Landscape of Mobile Payments- Apps, Wallets, & Wearables
  • Role of Digital in the Media Mix
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation
  • Top Technology Trends Marketers Need to Pay Attention to in 2017
  • Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Wearable Technology and What it Means to Marketers