Businesses must deliver consistent, fluent interactions to customers via websites, mobile interactions, social networking sites and email contacts to win big. Thrive Analytics has developed the 360°Connected Experience™ evaluation that uses over 90 criteria to pinpoint weaknesses in your current customers' experiences and make improvements that lead to increased profits. Our 360°Connected Experience™ evaluation delivers an expert, action-oriented review of the experiences your company provides across multiple interaction channels.




360° Connected Experience™ 

The 360° Connected Experience™ examines how easily customers can achieve their goals- even when they use multiple channels. To gauge your customer's connected experience, we examine the quality of each channel's experience, content consistency, and your company's ability to support customers while attempting to accomplish their goals. Our 360° Connected Experience™, modeled after industry best practices, follows an expert, heuristic methodology that delivers the best direction by helping you target and prioritize your redesign efforts quickly, cost efficiently, and objectively.


The 360° Connected Experience™ evaluation process typically starts with a consultation session in which the client and Thrive Analytics complete a background questionnaire detailing the customer personas and channel scenarios that will be used as the basis for the review. Then an analyst assumes your target customer persona(s) and conducts the evaluation, using over 90 research based criteria, while attempting to accomplish specific user goals. Results are then compiled into a summary presentation that includes recommended next steps. Results are presented in person or via a conference call. The whole process usually takes 2-4 weeks ensuring a quick and cost effective evaluation.


The 360° Connected Experience™ evaluation can be enhanced to include competitors. This proves to be extremely valuable in assessing the competitive strength of your customer's experience. The competitor results are typically displayed in a side-by-side comparison for easy viewing.