Do you know who your customers are, which ones are the most profitable, or how you should market to them? By tailoring your offerings (communications, products, channels, prices) to different groups you are able to more precisely meet the needs of more customers and consequently gain a higher level of profit from a market. While this sounds great traditional "segmentation" models have been tried over and over in organizations and many end up failing. They fail because they are treated as separate marketing "gimmicks" and they are never fully integrated into the sales processes. Thrive Analytics uses a holistic approach to develop new go-to-market strategies that include client specific customer prioritization models that ultimately result in customer loyalty, retention and more profit per customer.


1. Insights & Strategy- We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors and develop actionable prioritization models from the resulting insights. The client's product value propositions, pricing and sales tactics are differentiated to meet customer needs.

2. Customer Experience- We examine the ideal customer experience to create touch strategies for various customer segments to drive loyalty and retention.

3. Share of Wallet- We identify customers that have the highest potential for growth. We create, identify, and reinforce retention efforts on these customers. This becomes a critical component of the sales execution process.

4. Loyalty & Retention-We help clients focus on customers that are more profitable and more likely to repurchase. We recommend behavior based performance metrics be incorporated throughout the organization to ensure changing customer needs are met.



Thrive Analytics has created the Connected Experience Model™ that is a customizable prioritization model for Digital Marketing Services Companies whose target customers are small and medium sized businesses. This model incorporates client specific data along with third party benchmark data to identify the highest priority accounts by growth potential. The model and algorithms are designed to be flexible to accommodate nuances between Digital Marketing Service providers. This allows for full customization based on your specific needs. The Connected Experience Model™ ensures your sales focus is on the customers that have the greatest potential for growth, as well as, providing a mechanism for channel optimization.