Data has always played a critical role in business. Still, there is something different about data in today's environment. The digital age has brought with it a tremendous increase in the amount of data available to businesses. The speed with which data reaches organizations and the variety of insights it contains are completely changing. New data is produced every day, generated by social networking sites, mobile phones, global positioning satellites, business transactions, etc. We are in an era of "Big Data". The opportunities are enormous, as are the challenges. In fact, a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit on 586 senior executives found that 78% of organizations utilize less than 50% of their data for insights. The main reasons cited were struggles with basic aspects of data management, such as cleaning data, lack of resources and lack of personnel with the appropriate skills. Thrive Analytics can help your organization gain insights from your data. We use several modeling techniques depending on our client's needs. The most commonly used techniques versus business objectives are summarized in the following table.


Business Objective Modeling Technique

Client Acquisition

Response Modeling

Acquire Profitable Clients

Lifetime Value Modeling

Avoid High Risk Clients

Risk Modeling

Increase Client's Value

Upsell & Cross-Sell Modeling

Retain Profitable Clients

Retention/Churn Modeling

Win Back Lost Clients

Win-Back Modeling

Improve Client Satisfaction/Loyalty

Market Research/Net Promoter Modeling

Sales Potential

Forecast Modeling

Optimal Pricing

Price Sensitivity Modeling

Optimal Media Mix

Media Modeling

Client Knowledge

Client Profiling/Segmentation Modeling


Thrive Analytics also has the ability to built customized applications/tools that can help sales and marketing efforts within an organization.