We have aligned our services around the Net Promoter® Survey Process. We can implement and execute the entire Net Promoter® Program for our clients, provide support in certain areas, audit existing programs, or provide best practice training and consulting.




Net Promoter® Surveys

We have developed several Net Promoter® based survey options that can be customized to meet your needs. Our primary Net Promoter® survey is a simple 5-8 question survey that can be utilized to gauge the satisfaction level of any key business stakeholder. This Net Promoter® survey consists of the Net Promoter® question as well as follow-up questions on promoters and detractors to dive deeper into the underlying reasons why your customers are either satisfied or unsatisfied.



Reporting & Analytics

Many organizations have the means to execute a survey, however, some may they lack the personnel with the skills needed to analyze and operationalize the results. Thrive Analytics has the resources and experience to do this for our clients. In fact, we not only do the analytics but we can benchmark the results against businesses in your industry for comparisons. Below are some NPS® stars by industry. How do you think your organization compares?



NPS® Stars by Industry
Sector Brand NPS®
Airlines Southwest 66
Credit Cards AMEX 46
Department/Specialty Store Costco 78
Grocery/Supermarket Trader Joe's 63
Health Insurance Kaiser 35
Smart Phones Apple iPhone 70
Hotels Marriott 62
Tablet Computers Apple iPad 65
Drug Stores/Pharmacy Walmart Pharmacy 28

Source: Satmetrix 2013 US Consumer Study



Training, Consulting & Program Audits

Get it right from the start or optimize your current NPS® program. Thrive Analytics offers training, consulting and program audits to ensure your NPS® program delivers optimum results. We can help with NPS® background training, survey design, customer experience audits, organizational training, operational design, goal setting and employee engagement linkage. We can help you focus on the key hydraulics of a Net Promoter System to ensure profitable growth.