We have recently co-authored "Accelerating Change- The Digital Transformation Playbook" and the "21 Rules for Transformation"; tailored for digital marketing services companies serving the SMB market. These unique documents are based on the result of recent comprehensive transformation engagements with global publishing firms, plus years of relevant operating experience.


Using these materials representing 50%+ of the solution significantly mitigates the risks of transformation by:

  • SPEED...Significantly reduces the time it takes to accomplish full scale end-to-end transformation. This is usually the single point of failure....change that takes too long to complete.

  • COST EFFICIENCY...Leveraging the sunk costs for development, licensing of the current 3.0 version is pennies on the dollar as compared to creating from scratch.

  • SUSTAINABILITY ...All materials create a virtual road-map for companies to "stay on course." Leadership just needs to be wedded to insuring the protocols are followed.

  • MILESTONES can be managed to...leadership can track progress along pre-identified critical path activities and do course corrections up to and including changing strategy....

  • LEADERSHIP ENGAGEMENT/ALIGNMENT...This program provides a mechanism to align critical leaders or replace them at the onset. Often the cause of ill-fated transformations are leaders who undermine progress....this cannot be tolerated.

  • BEST PRACTICE RULES...the complete list of must do's have been identified so leaders can task manage for success.


What's included:



Key Content

Innovation Team

When clients are in need of executing on significant change, they have successfully utilized a dedicated team to lead the way to build new capabilities while the core business continues to operate. We have developed detailed processes and best practices to design, populate and effectively operate an Innovation Team. These include: how to set one up, roles and responsibilities, rules of engagement, team program management processes and metrics, etc.

Change & Communication

Many companies' change efforts falter because they failed at the outset to effectively communicate why the change is required for growth. When this is not done well, employees question the change initiatives every step of the way. We have developed a Playbook to guide clients re: the customer research and trend data required to build the case for change and ways to successfully communicate the rationale. Typical research activities can be reduced by 60 to 75%.


This provides clients with the specific roadmap for addressing customer and market intelligence that can be turned into operational processes and activities; i.e. training, segmentation, service continuums, sales scripts, etc. This includes key questions, research methodologies for acquiring key data, focus group and fast track market trial guidance, proof of concept guidelines, etc required to build the proprietary research and fact-base to support the Case for Change.

Customer Prioritization

Too often companies who need to transition to a new method for customer targeting continue to rely on a traditional approach, based heavily on existing customer data. Our Customer Prioritization tool provides a methodology to readily identify high growth potential customers vs. complicated segmentation algorithms. Included is a model with detailed instructions that can be easily customized to rapidly revise account assignments to achieve growth.

CEO Dashboard & Metrics

As the old adage goes "You can't manage what you can't measure". Our tool guides clients to identify the RIGHT measures that will ultimately drive growth. Companies that consistently achieve growth focus on a balanced set of activity-based "LEAD" metrics as opposed to results-based "LAG" measures. For example "what percent of sales interactions followed the targeted sales process" vs. "what sales increase was achieved". Instead of slogging through months of balance scorecard creation by the Finance department, the senior leadership can create this dashboard in a couple weeks from start to finish.

Prescriptive Sales

This section is laid upon the foundation of being customer-centric (based on customer and market research) and adheres to the identified "Bright Spot" sales behaviors. Also imbedded within is the codified Platinum Pitch. Modular based, this curriculum provides over 90 hours of content using adult learning techniques. Each module includes the learning objectives, key learning content, specific activities and timeframes, the knowledge and skills reinforced for the trainers and overall learning Roadmaps.

Talent Management

Effective companies have a holistic and integrated set of processes to leverage the "employee as asset". A continuum of activities and tools: from recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, certifying, assessing, retaining, etc. have been created specifically as a result of projecting what customers need and want. Examples of tools include: Job profile guides, job competency outlines and content for sales positions, structured interview guide, assessment tools for sales positions, succession planning templates and guides, employee engagement process and survey, etc.

Training & Certification

Once companies commit to a new prescriptive approach to sales and ideal customer interactions, it is imperative to be equally disciplined with the coaching and certification process to ensure that the new approach is adopted and replicated successfully. This guide provides detailed processes, scoring criteria and templates to easily customize a certification process for a client's newly adopted steps of the sale.

Best in Breed Products

Technology is a key enabler for change initiatives. This playbook details step by step processes used to vet key partners, and technology providers. It includes scoring templates, evaluation criteria, and best practice service level agreements. Best practice integration processes are detailed along with key metrics to monitor for success.

Customer Communication

This playbook includes a creative brief outlining ways to generate customer interest and leads versus traditional advertising and promotion branding campaigns. It highlights over 16 creative tactics for customer communication with key messaging content. Creative examples are provided as well as communication templates, roadmaps and performance dashboards.

Tools, Processes & Technology

Most companies approach growth initiatives by "leading with technology" and letting a new system drive change. This misguided approach creates huge gaps in organizational alignment and capability building. Technology is better thought of as a key Enabler for the change effort vs. the Driver. A detailed list of the top tools and technology typically required to support the level of change prescribed across our change tools is provided as a "straw man". This helps clients more quickly customize their requirements and forces the important integration of the holistic elements.