8 Aug 2018

Smartphones are Driving Point of Sale Transactions

According to our recent mobile payments survey, 29.0% of US smartphone users ages 18 and older, or 63 million people, will use a mobile phone to pay for a purchase at a physical point of sale this year.

Up roughly 60% from 2017, these consumers will pay for nearly $80 billion worth of goods and services via their smartphone at a physical point of sale.

10 May 2017

Mobile- The Device of Choice For Local Search

Ten years ago, Apple released the first iPhone. Desktop search was king. Today it is really a thing of the past. Within this short period of time, consumers have learned that anything they need is available to them whenever and wherever they want. According to our recent Mobile Technology Monitor™, 75% of consumers use a mobile device when searching for a local product or service. Up nearly 50% from four years ago, it is way past the tipping point. Mobile devices have moved to the center of consumers’ multi-platform universe.