7 Jan 2019

New Data Shows VR Still Gaining Users

Virtual Reality (VR) has been the next big thing for the past few years. The challenges, highlighted in our previous research waves, have been high prices, enough engaging content, and general interest from the masses. While these challenges still exist, new data from our Virtual Reality Monitor™ shows the VR market continues to gain users. Over the past two years, the number of VR users* has doubled from 21.9 million to 45.3 million.

10 Aug 2018

Augmented Reality- A Closer Look At App Usage (Infographic)

From gaming, to social media, to education, AR is rapidly growing in popularity because it brings elements of the virtual world, into the real world, thus enhancing the things we see, hear, and feel.

16 May 2017

Thrive Analytics Expands Research Services for the Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology Business Segment

We are pleased to announce we have expanded our syndicated research offerings to include the Virtual Reality Monitor™, a new study focused on virtual and augmented reality technology. Specifically, the study is designed to monitor how consumers are using virtual and augmented reality technology, the satisfaction levels with current devices, pricing expectations, applications they find appealing, purchase intent, and several other areas.