10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Statistics

We often get asked questions about small business social media marketing. Here are ten social media stats from our 2019 Local Pulse Report™.

  1. 85% of SMBs use some form of social media to market their business.
  2. 78% of SMBs use Facebook as a marketing tool.
  3. 70% of SMBs expect Social Media to generate leads for their business.
  4. 55% of business owners state the most significant challenge using social media is it is too time-consuming to manage.
  5. Only 50% of SMBs monitor and respond to social media feedback on their business.
  6. 40% of SMBs update their social media pages quarterly or longer.
  7. 32% of SMBs stated social media is the top marketing area they need help with.
  8. 20% of SMBs have paid for social media advertising.
  9. 43% of SMBs think social media will have the most significant impact on their business over the next 2-3 years.
  10. 20% of SMBs plan on investing money on social media marketing technology over the next twelve months.

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