New Mobile AR Travel App Enters the Market

New Mobile AR Travel App Enters the Market

October 15, 2021
The News

Data Insight Solutions, Inc, a developer of mobile applications, announced the release of Jumper, the iOS app enabling mobile phone users to explore faraway cities – or the city they’re in at that moment – using augmented reality (AR) to find travel destinations, attractions, and tours. Following an August 2021 soft launch, the full version including over 1.2 million videos is now available in all global territories through the Apple App Store.

“We are excited to launch Jumper to give people an engaging way to explore the world using their mobile phone. We look forward to providing an AR experience that lets them find great travel and tour possibilities,” said Jeren Chang, Chief Product Officer of Data Insight Solutions, Inc.


How Does it Work?

Jumper provides users with an AR experience to explore locations using their mobile phone camera. After selecting an AR icon or “Jump” button, they can point their camera in any direction and see other attractions, a video showing the experience of each attraction, and how far that attraction is from them — as well as the spatial relationship of attractions to one another. A radar indicator also shows users the direction and proximity of locations outside the current camera view. By enabling Jumper to access their phone’s location services and camera, Jumper users get access to AR. At launch, Jumper supports iPhones 6s and later with iOS version 14.5 and higher.

The full version of Jumper, the iOS app enabling mobile phone users to explore far away cities – or the city they’re in at that moment – using augmented reality (AR) to find travel destinations, attractions and tours, is now live in the App Store.

The Jumper travel and tours app detects the nearest city to a given user, and lets them choose from a searchable menu of 114 global cities to explore. For each city Jumper shows a collection of attractions and sightseeing tours, a city map, and a browse-able menu of tours and excursions sorted by Day Trips & Extensions, Walking & Biking, Cultural & Themed, Private & Custom, Luxury & Special Occasions, and Food, Wine & Nightlife.

Whether users browse via menu or AR, the Jumper app can spontaneously book their next tour while already on the go, plan future vacations from far away, or enjoy vicarious travel during a global pandemic. Tour details, and tour booking are enabled via a partnership with Viator, a Tripadvisor company.

Future possibilities for Data Insight Solutions to expand capabilities of the Jumper app include adding locations, services, experiences and partners.


Why is this important?

We’ve been tracking the adoption of AR technology and one of the biggest challenges is finding enough content/applications. When asked about types of mobile AR apps that would be most beneficial, city guides/travel apps were second behind educational apps. This is the latest example of a company trying to create new mobile experiences, leveraging big data, augmented reality technology. We expect this to continue as the market expands.



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