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New Report Highlights Small Business Adoption of SaaS Solutions

January 22, 2022
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New Report Highlights Small Business Adoption of SaaS Solutions

SaaS solutions are among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry. Gartner forecasts end-user spending on cloud services to reach $396 billion in 2021—and grow 21.7% to reach $482 billion in 2022. One of the fastest-growing segments is small and medium-sized businesses. Over the past five years, there has been a 143% increase in the small business adoption rate from 35% in 2017 to an estimated 85% in 2022.


Historically, the small business segment has been slow to adopt new technologies. They typically don’t have large budgets, the resources to manage technology, or see a need to change. Covid-19 and the resulting economic contraction put pressure on small businesses to find new ways to operate.

In our new report, Small Business Technology Adoption In 2022 we explore the adoption of SaaS solutions in the United States and highlight what to expect in 2022 and beyond.


This report is free for Insights Datahub™ subscribers and can be purchased here.



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