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Three Of Every Five U.S. Adults Play Video Games Regularly

March 3, 2021
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Three Of Every Five U.S. Adults Play Video Games Regularly

According to our latest gaming research, video game engagement in the U.S. is up in terms of the number of participants, time spent on gaming, and dollars spent. The research shows 63% of adults play video games regularly.

This number is up 20% from previous studies. In addition, time spent on video games has grown 25%, and spending on video games has grown 33%.

This growth is consistent across gaming devices, with 63% of players using smartphones or tablets, 29% using traditional PCs, and 20% using game consoles, all up from previous studies. Gaming on streaming services and Smart TVs also saw notable increases.

Industry revenue, which was on the rise pre-pandemic, has seen an exponential increase during the past year, as well. Industry revenue in the U.S. is expected to come in at $66.9 billion, up 20.4% from 2019 and 40% higher than the annualized growth rate over the past five years. Our data shows that money spent on downloads and in-game purchases are the key drivers.

For many adults, this increased engagement with video games is a result of greater proportions of leisure time being spent at home due to social distancing measures. As we move further into 2021 and see COVID-19 restrictions removed, we may see these trends revert to pre-pandemic levels.


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