Top 5 Website Priorities for Small Businesses in 2022

Top 5 Website Priorities for Small Businesses in 2022

January 23, 2022

According to our most recent Local Pulse Report™, 45% of businesses plan to upgrade their websites in 2022 to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Here are the top five areas they plan to upgrade in 2022 and why it is important.

eCommerce Capabilities

One of the biggest trends that will be happening in 2022 will be the expansion of eCommerce capabilities. In fact, 35% of businesses plan to enhance their eCommerce capabilities this year.

The reasons for this are numerous. First, there is a huge demand for these types of services from consumers given the current market conditions with Covid-19. For instance, our data indicate that 78% of consumers would be more likely to purchase a product or service if it was accessible on their mobile phones. Second, it's becoming increasingly important for SMBs to engage with customers 24/7 through digital channels due to their increased demand and competition. Lastly, many SMBs find that eCommerce offers a less expensive option as it eliminates storefront costs and has low overhead costs and easy integration with other digital marketing efforts such as social media and SEO.


Mobile-Friendly Website Enhancements

Thirty percent of SMBs plan to invest in mobile-friendly websites. Mobile devices are now the number one device used for browsing the internet. It is important to have websites that are compatible with these devices. A website that isn't mobile-friendly could deter customers from visiting a business site at all, let alone placing an order.
Mobile optimization is a significant factor in today's B2B sales process. A recent study found that 69% of small businesses had a mobile-optimized website, but only 10% of those were fully responsive. It's not enough to have a site with just one size screen; you'll need to ensure your site will look great on any device.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrations

One in four businesses plans to integrate their website with a CRM platform. CRM is important because it allows businesses to better relationships with their customers. They can collect customer data and then use it to provide them with more personalized experiences. For example, consider the customer who likes spicy food. They might receive an email about a new promotion at the restaurant that's perfect for their taste!

A CRM system can also help businesses know when someone is about to become inactive to take the appropriate steps to keep them engaged.


Booking & Online Scheduling Tools

Twenty-three percent of businesses plan to invest in new online booking and scheduling software to help manage appointments and automate interactions with potential customers.

This trend is important because it allows people to see your availability and book an appointment from your site. It also saves you time, is more convenient, and helps maximize your revenue.


Reputation Management

One in five businesses plans to invest in reputation management software. It allows businesses to respond quickly and efficiently to negative reviews before they spiral out of control. It also offers an opportunity for SMBs to proactively reach out to customers who have left reviews. This will help them manage any complaints or concerns before they get worse.

After all, a company's reputation is one of the most important aspects of doing business. When people research a company, they often go to sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook for reviews. If a company doesn't have great reviews or any reviews at all, then it can be tough to convince people that your business is worth investing in.




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