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Twitter Launches Product Drops For Merchants

June 9, 2022
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Twitter Launches Product Drops For Merchants

On Wednesday, Twitter revealed Product Drops, a new shopping feature allowing merchants to tease and promote new releases directly from the app. To enable in-app notifications for Product Drop tweets, customers must click a 'Remind me' button at the bottom of the tweet, which will display a 'Shop on website' button when the drop goes live. Customers will receive a 'notification' 15 minutes before and at the moment of the drop, and clicking it will lead them to the merchant's website.



Product Drops is the most recent expansion of Twitter's shopping module, which has become an essential tool for monitoring launches and restocks. Telfar bags and adidas x Ivy Park collections are just two of the many items coveted by savvy shoppers, and users follow PlayStation 5 and graphics card restocks (some of which are more legitimate than others).


Twitter said Product Drops will only be shown to shoppers in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS devices "for now," adding that it's currently testing the feature with "select managed partners" like Home Depot(opens in a new tab), Dior(opens in a new tab), and Fossil(opens in a new tab).



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