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March 29, 2021

Small Business Mobile Marketing

This is an infographic that shows how many small businesses plan to increase mobile marketing budgets.
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March 17, 2021

SMB Marketing Budget Changes Over The Next 12 Months

This is a chart that shows SMB marketing budget changes over the next 12 months.
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September 18, 2019

Small Businesses Remain Bullish On The Economy

Despite looming concerns of an impending recession, small business owners continue to remain optimistic about the economic conditions over the next 12 months. According to our latest small business report, there was a 21% increase year-over-year (YOY) for the number of businesses that expect the economic conditions to improve over the next twelve months.

Nearly half (46%) of business owners expect the economy to continue to improve over the next twelve months. In addition to the positive outlook on the economy, the majority of business owners expect sales, capital expenditures, and staffing levels to increase.



These positive [...]

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