Disrupting Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be good to look at some of the companies disrupting the food and beverage industry. While many of the traditional players will continue to dominate the market this Halloween, new brands are positioning themselves differently and creating new experiences for consumers.

Below is a chart from CB Insights that includes 80+ brands in the candy space across eight categories, from sugar and fat replacements to cannabis- and alcohol-based treats.

These companies are disrupting the market by (1) featuring products that are healthier options, (2) focusing on direct to consumer distribution strategies, (3) creating unique customer experiences, and (4) having personalized features. Below are some examples by category:

As these companies and products continue to grow in popularity, we see them taking a bigger chunk of the industry revenue. It will be interesting to see what appears in the trick-or-treat baskets this year.