Forecast Views

See where the markets are headed with forecast views.

Take the guesswork out

How fast will the market grow? What is the growth potential? Our Forecast Views help our clients prioritize investments, identify growth opportunities, and make smarter decisions confidently. Our advisory service members have access to over 100 standard forecasts updated twice a year, as part of their service. We can create customized forecasts for our clients and offer single forecast views for non-advisory members.

How do forecast views work?

A forecast view is based on a market model specific to the dynamics of a particular market segment. It identifies the critical influencing factors about which assumptions are made. These assumptions are informed by numerous fact bases, such as primary and secondary research, inquiry analysis, and extensive industry contacts.

Many of our forecast views are driven by our proprietary research results.

We aim to help you fully understand a market’s future spending or adoption patterns and provide data-driven insight to support your business decision-making.

Our forecast views include at least two years of historical data and five years of future projections, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. In addition, many are displayed in interactive charts that can be customized and downloaded. Others are prepopulated charts. All forecast views include data tables that can be exported into various file formats.

Leverage our standard forecast views to drive your plans.

Advertising Spend*

Mobile Ad & Marketing

Technology Users

Mobile Activities**


Retail & eCommerce

Financial Services


P/D- Both print and digital are available.

*These are available at the National, Local, and SMB reporting levels.

**Activities are available at the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reporting levels.

Tap into the benefits of using a forecast view.

Understand market opportunities

Identify critical changes growth opportunities in the marketplace and make smarter decisions.

Trusted data source

Leverage independent data based on industry best practices and research methodologies.

Optimize business plans

Align your services with unmet market needs and forecast sales efforts and resources based on market size, trends and projections.

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