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The Local Search Report™ is a series of reports and insights generated from our ongoing survey of consumers. Initially, these studies focused only on shopping behavior. However, we have recently expanded the program beyond shopping to include a more holistic picture of the US consumer and household. In addition to monitoring shopping behavior for 100+ categories, the program tracks consumer technology adoption, media usage, financial services, and healthcare-related issues.
The shopping category surveys are fielded annually, and the others are fielded quarterly. In addition, each wave provides Thrive Analytics’ clients the ability to add customized questions to uncover real-time issues/trends relevant to their business needs.

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Get a comprehensive view of the local marketplace from consumers.


The program monitors the path-to-purchase trends for over 100 categories. Data for each category includes media used, number of ads viewed, devices used, places considered, businesses contacted, contact frequency, the amount spent, repeat business, and much more.

media usage

The program provides a comprehensive view of how shoppers use over 30 media types when looking for a local product or service. It also includes how often consumers view ads and the time they spend with media channels, and it provides their perspective on advertising.

technology adoption

This program monitors the technology adoption in US households and technology used during shopping. Whether using a mobile device to purchase a product or sharing your location with a friend, the program monitors the adoption of significant technology trends.

Financial Services

Learn about the financial attitudes and products consumers use. This program monitors the banking, insurance, and investment activities of adult consumers.

Healthcare & Teleservices

Learn about healthcare attitudes and services consumers use. This program monitors what healthcare services people have undertaken in the past 12 months, who has health insurance, key trends that have impacted health-related activities, and consumer perspectives on remote health services.

Brand CX Scores

It measures how successfully a company delivers customer experiences (CX) that create and sustain loyalty. It is based on net satisfaction scores of the overall experience with the Brand’s service, its ease of use, and its ability to meet user expectations. Top Brands for healthcare, financial, and insurance providers are tracked.


The Local Search Report™ has been providing insights to executives, senior leaders, and marketers for over ten years.

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Tap into the benefits of having access to consumer insights and trends.

Optimize your plans

Align your services with unmet market needs and forecast sales based on data trends and projections.

Target the right customers

Identify the groups that are most likely to generate a positive ROI.

Anticipate changes

Identify and understand future outcomes and target accordingly based on key attributes or behaviors.

Deliver higher profits

Utilize data driven insights to deliver higher returns.


We have a highly customized suite of deliverables to meet your budget needs. Subscribers can choose from basic packages that just include the reports to full-access that includes access to data tables, advisory reports, charts and infographics.

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