Loyalty Management

Understand how loyal your customers are.

Building Customer Loyalty

Today’s economic environment is very challenging. The average American company loses 20-40% of its customers each year. Recognizing this pattern and its severe impact on competitiveness and profitability, businesses must move away from the long-accepted market share strategy to a radically different, more long-term approach to business: Building Customer Loyalty.

We provide Loyalty Management Consulting and programs that help our clients increase their revenues by improving the retention of their employees, customers, and investors.

We help our clients increase their revenue by improving the experience, and retention of their employees, customers, and investors.

Customer Journey Mapping

Provides comprehensive data on the consumer purchasing experience, including full-scale customer journey mapping, offering insight into decision-making across each stage of the customer lifecycle: awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention.

Customer Loyalty

Measures customers’ level of satisfaction with a brand, their Net Promoter® score, and loyalty to that brand.


Provides detailed data on the media channels, devices, and other things used to find a product or service. It provides valuable insights into the end-to-end experience a buyer has when purchasing a product or service.

Buyer Personas

Provides detailed descriptions of buyer groups typically differentiated by a combination of demographic and psychographic characteristics. Developing personas can help to really bring your audiences to life and inform your strategies for engagement.

Employee Engagement

Measures the point of view of employees and is designed to assess whether it aligns with that of the organization or its departments. Employee engagement surveys measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose, and passion for their work and organization.


Provides a way to measure your company’s success against other similar companies to discover if there is a gap in performance that can be closed by improving your performance.

Tap into the benefits of customer loyalty.

Improve the sales funnel

Understand the drivers of decisions across the path-to-purchase to capture more customers.

Improve customer retention

Track customer experiences and loyalty to improve experiences, and engagement with current and prospective customers.

Increase customer lifetime value

Increase the customer lifetime value by better understanding unmet customer needs.

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