Market Assessments

Make smarter decisions and drive growth, sales, and returns with actionable insights.

Understanding Markets

The right growth strategy is critical to success. But how do business leaders know if they’re making the right move? Our market assessments provide you with a guide to help understand the market and make smarter decisions.

Take the guesswork out. Our market assessments will help you make smarter decisions with confidence.


Estimates market size through custom economic modeling to identify the totality of the market.


Separates existing and potential customers into meaningful groups based on behavioral, attitudinal, demographic, and psychographic data.


Identifies potential influencing factors and innovations on an organization’s sales, distribution channel(s), supply chain, and more revealing information on shifting market dynamics.


Go-to-market planning based on primary research ensures that your innovation hits the ground running when it reaches its market.


Uncovers key characteristics of select competitors in a given market and identifies discernible strategies employed by competitors through a scan of secondary research or primary studies.


Provides a way to measure your company’s success against other similar companies to discover if there is a gap in performance that can be closed by improving your performance.

Tap into the benefits of a market assessment.

Understand the marketplace

Select potential markets based on overall market health, size, and right-fit for your customers.

Get ahead of the competition

Know your competitors’ positioning, strategy, and your advantages over them, before you enter the market.

Optimize your plans

Align your services with unmet market needs and forecast sales efforts and resources based on market size, trends and projections.

We employ a frictionless process.

Key components of a basic project.

Kickoff Meeting

Thrive Analytics conducts a kickoff meeting with the client to understand the goals of the project and creates a detailed project plan. 

Market Sizing, Segmentation & Trends Analysis

Thrive Analytics will conduct a review of primary and secondary research data to develop a forecast view. In most cases, the forecast includes the prior two years and five years into the future. The team will size all the appropriate market segments, identify key growth drivers, market conditions, and other trends that might be relevant to the project.

Competitive Analysis

Thrive Analytics will complete a competitive analysis that includes a market map with the major players in each segment. Detailed profiles of the top 5 competitors are provided with revenue, market share, products, partnerships, pricing, go-to-market strategies and other data that are relevant to the project.

Reporting & Presentation

Thrive Analytics will create a detailed report for the client that addresses all the objectives of the project. They will present the results and recommendations to key stakeholders. They will answer any questions that may arise, and determine any relevant follow up work needed.

Enhance your plans with our forecasts.

August 26, 2022
US Subscription Ecommerce Sales
August 26, 2022
US Digital Subscription Buyers
August 25, 2022
US Hearable Users
August 21, 2022
US Smartwatch Users
July 26, 2022
US Retail Ecommerce Sales by Device
July 26, 2022
US Retail Mcommerce Sales
July 26, 2022
US Retail Sales
July 26, 2022
US Social Commerce Sales
July 26, 2022
US Social Buyers
July 26, 2022
US Mobile Messaging App Users by Platform
July 26, 2022
US Mobile Messaging App Users
July 26, 2022
US Digital Shoppers by Device
July 26, 2022
US Digital Buyers by Device
June 26, 2022
US Augmented Reality Users
June 26, 2022
US Virtual Reality Users

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