Millennials Continue to Dominate Voice Search Usage

Sixty-nine percent of Millennials, age 23 to 38, have tried voice-based search on a mobile device according to our latest wave of the Voice Assistant Monitor™. This is up 15% from prior-year results. Of the Millennials that do use voice-based search, 74% do so weekly.  The top activities continue to be related to finding general information. They include looking up general information (53%), finding weather information (43%), and providing instructions on how to do something (30%).

Even though finding general information remains the top function, many Millennials are starting to use voice-based search for commerce-related activities. Thirty-three percent use it to find places to eat, and eighteen percent use it to look for products or services.

Other critical findings for Millennials include:

• 66% of Millennials use voice-based search in their homes.

• 32% of Millennials have used voice-based search on a smart speaker.

• Top activities vary by devices used.

• Millennials are more likely to shop and research products than they are to buy.

Additional findings of the latest study will be provided in an upcoming report later this year.