New Study Reveals 22 Percent of U.S. Adults Use Augmented Reality

New data from ARtillery Intelligence and Thrive Analytics reveals who’s using mobile AR apps, how often, and in what categories.

KETTERING, OHIO April 9, 2019 


ARtillry Intelligence, in partnership with Thrive Analytics, today released a new Intelligence Briefing: Mobile AR Usage & Consumer Attitudes.  Working closely with Thrive Analytics’ Virtual Reality Monitor™, ARtillery Intelligence authored survey questions and a narrative report to examine the findings.

Highlights include the fact that 22 percent of consumers have used mobile augmented reality (AR). More importantly, they’re using it often: more than half of respondents use mobile AR at least weekly. This is telling indication of mobile AR’s potential, given that active use is a key mobile app success factor and tied closely to revenue metrics.

The top mobile AR app category today is gaming, followed by social. These are driven by popular AR apps and features, such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat’s AR lenses. Both categories will continue to lead mobile AR according to ARtillery Intelligence, but others will emerge, such as everyday utilities like visual search that lets users “search what you see”.

“Gaming and social are typically where new consumer technologies germinate,” said Mike Boland, Chief Analyst of ARtillery Intelligence. “But history tells us that sustained value and frequent use will develop from more mundane utilities that solve everyday problems. We’re seeing first signs of that in tools like visual search and Google Lens”

Virtual Reality Monitor applies Thrive Analytics’ acumen and time-tested practices in survey research. The AR survey in this this wave (Wave III) included a sample of 3,162 U.S. adults. Thrive and ARtillery Intelligence will continue to analyze the AR & VR market opportunities through the lens of consumer sentiments.

“AR and VR are in initial adoption stages,” said Thrive Analytics managing partner Jason Peaslee. “This means user behavior and affinities are still developing, just as we saw in early stages of past tech adoption cycles. AR & VR have the ability to transform the way people work, connect, and learn, so we’ll continue to track the consumer adoption that informs product and business strategies.”

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