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Business Data License

$2,340.00 for 1 year




Setting budgets and objectives, planning new products, and establishing sales and marketing strategies all rely on having the most up-to-date data and insights on the local marketplace.

The business data license to the Insights Datahub gives you access to all of our small business syndicated research programs and much more.

Syndicated Research Programs

With this data license you get access to the following syndicated research programs:

Local Pulse Report™– A series of reports and insights generated from our ongoing survey of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These studies, conducted at least twice a year, provide a comprehensive view of how SMBs are marketing their businesses, the technology they are using, their future expectations, what they want out of marketing service providers, and they explore the behaviors/trends that are influencing their decisions as business owners. 

Competitive Datasets

Access to hundreds of data sets. We track media spend projections, industry profiles, consumer spending data, and other things that help our clients make better decisions.

Content Syndication

Need help with content marketing. We provide you with unlimited use of our content and research figures for use in internal communications, client presentations, press releases, and content marketing efforts.

Seat Licenses

This program includes one login and password. Additional seats can be purchased.