Smart Speaker Adoption Trends in The US
Thrive Analytics
Consumer Report

Why Read This Report

Smart Speakers have moved past the early adoption stage, and we expect the installed base to continue to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 17.3%. In this report, we highlight our latest forecast on smart speaker adoption and we provide detailed information on who uses the speakers, how they are using them, where they use them and who plans on buying smart speakers over the next 12 months.


Key Takeaways

Usage of Smart Speakers Continues to Grow
In 2017 only 38.4 million people were using smart speakers, and that number nearly doubled in just two years to 68 million in 2019. Thrive Analytics estimates that the number of smart speaker owners in the U.S. will continue to grow over the next three years to 85.4 million in 2022.

Amazon Dominates the Market
As the first mover in this category with Echo in 2014, Amazon amassed a large, early lead over its competitors, and the online retailer continues to dominate the marketplace with its devices by an impressive margin.

Smart Speakers are Quickly Replacing Activities Traditionally Conducted on Smartphones
Many of the information-based services that the speakers provide are used because of increased convenience over accessing the information via another device like a smartphone.


Charts Included

1-1 US Smart Speaker Users 2017-2022

2-1 US Smart Speaker Users by Demographics

3-1 US Smart Speaker Penetration by Brand

3-2 Where Smart Speakers Are Placed

3-3 Number of Smart Speakers in Households

4-1 Frequency of Smart Speaker Usage

4-2 Activities Conducted on Smart Speakers

4-3 Smart Speaker Purchasers, Next 12 Months, by Demographics