State of Consumer & Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2019
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Consumer Report

Why Read This Report

This report is our overview of the impact of technology on US consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and expectations in a rapidly changing world, based on the latest Mobile Technology Monitor™. B2C marketers must understand their current and prospective customers to help their firms mature their marketing programs. Read this report to gain deep, data-driven insights that help you design and deploy successful marketing plans to engage your target audience.


Key Takeaways

Technology Adoption Has Become Mainstream
The mainstream US consumer in 2019 uses a smartphone and tablet, shops online, and experiments with new payment methods.

Millennials Are A Mobile-First Generation
They continue to be technology leaders and the early adopters of new technology. They lead the adoption of new technologies like wearables, smartwatches, and personal assistants.

Gen Xers Show Mainstream Technology Behaviors
They exhibit technology behaviors typical of the average US consumer. They use smartphones and tablets, use social networking sites, shop online, and experiment with new payment methods.

Boomers Are Quickly Adopting Technology
Boomers have traditionally been slow to adopt technology, however over the past few years they have embraced mainstream technologies like smartphones and tablets.


Charts Included

1-1 Devices Used By US Adults by Demographics

1-2 Adults That Use Mobile Devices First When Looking Up Information

2-1 Weekly Smartphone Activities Among US Adults by Demographics

2-2 Select Apps US Adults Use Weekly by Demographics

2-3 Adults That Use Smartphones In-Store While Shopping by Demographics

3-1 Proximity Mobile Payment Users by Demographics

3-2 Adults That Purchased Products Online At Least Weekly

3-3 Average Amount Spent Online In Past 3 Months