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Syndicated Research Programs

Stay up to date on the latest trends.


Our syndicated research programs are designed to provide clients with actionable insights to improve their sales, refine their approach to the marketplace, adjust product or service offerings or help their salesforce better understand the dynamics of different business segments. Each program includes:

Detailed Reports & Insights

Each program include detailed reports, charts, infographics, white labeled collateral, presentations, and access to raw data tables.

Real-time Updates

Data is updated on a regular basis and can be customized to meet client specific needs.

Credible Data

The programs provide independent data based on industry best practices and research methodologies.

Customizable Content

There is a highly customized suite of deliverables to meet your budget needs. Subscribers can choose from basic packages that include collateral and reports to full-access that contains data tables, advisory reports, charts and infographics.

Access To Industry Experts

Subscribers can leverage our consulting services to help solve ad-hoc business problems such as: what are the best business categories my sales reps should focus on, who are my best customers, what products should my sales reps be offering to certain business categories, etc.

Ability To Add Questions

Subscribers have the ability to add customized questions to the research waves. This enables them to get key insights relevant to their business at a fraction of the cost compared to custom research projects.



This program provides a comprehensive view of how SMBs are marketing their businesses, the technology they use, what they want out of marketing service providers, and it explores the trends that are influencing their decisions as business owners.


This program monitors the path to purchase for consumers. It provides a comprehensive view of how consumers are searching for local products and, the technology, media, and other factors that consumers use or are influenced by during the shopping process.


This program tracks the usage of Virtual & Augmented Reality technology. It provides a comprehensive view of how consumers are adopting the technology, their satisfaction levels, pricing expectations, applications and user profiles of the technology.


This program monitors the adoption of voice-based technology. It tracks the most common devices such as Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon's Alexa, and many others.

Insights Datahub

We offer our clients access to the most up-to-date insights through our Insights Datahub. This portal provides curated content that our clients can use to better understand the markets they serve.

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