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September 11, 2019

Four Misconceptions About Digital Churn

Through our experience working in the local space, we’ve identified four common misconceptions about churn that hinder performance. Understanding the real dynamics behind each of these misconceptions will allow executives to break the corrosive cycle of churn.


1. A Single Event Drives Churn.

When asked why their customers churn, most organizations tie it to a single event. They will state customers defect because of service issues, false expectation setting by sales reps, fulfillment issues, competition, or other factors. They often focus on the last issue the customer had before they canceled. In reality, that issue was most likely the final trigger for that [...]

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September 4, 2019

Characteristics of Great Sales Reps

We recently interviewed 3,500 business owners or primary decision-makers and got their perspectives on local marketing sales reps. At the time of the interviews, over half of the businesses were working with multiple service providers. As you can image, these business owners have seen the full spectrum of sales representatives. So, we asked them what the key characteristics of the great ones are. We’ve consolidated their responses into five main characteristics or behaviors:


They take ownership of situations. 

Business owners stated the great sales reps have a positive attitude, are well organized, confident and committed to [...]

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