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Program Details

The Virtual Reality Monitor™ is a syndicated study that tracks the usage of Virtual & Augmented Reality technology. This research, updated quarterly, provides a comprehensive view of how consumers are using VR/AR technology.

Specifically, this study monitors the adoption rates, satisfaction levels, pricing expectations, applications, and user profiles of the technology.

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Get a comprehensive view of the virtual and augmented reality marketplace.

User Profiles

Provides detailed demographic profiles of virtual reality and augmented reality users. Base demographic data include age, income, gender, ethnicity, education, employment status, marital status, children in household, residential status, years at residence, and geographic location.

Activities & Usage

Trends frequency of usage, types of activities, devices or sites used, activities they would like to use in a VR/AR environment, number of devices used, satisfaction levels, societal benefits, what would get non-users to try the technology, and reasons for not using VR or AR technology.

Product Enhancements

This data highlights product deficiencies in functionality, content availability, content quality, and pricing levels. Data is provided in aggregate and by brands. Top brands include Samsung Gear VR, Oculus brands, HTC brands, Playstation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, and several others.

Pricing Expectations

We utilize the Van Westendorp method to identify critical psychological price points to understand how much consumers are willing to pay for a virtual reality headset or an augmented reality app. This helps to ensure your product won’t be perceived as low quality or overpriced.

Buyer Profiles

This data identifies the profile of buyers over the next quarter. Similar to the user profile data, it provides robust details on who plans on purchasing a device or app, and why they plan to do it.

Brand CX Scores

It measures how successfully a company delivers customer experiences (CX) that create and sustain loyalty. It is based on net satisfaction scores of the overall experience with the device, the ease of use, and the device’s ability to meet user expectations. Top brands include Samsung Gear VR, Oculus brands, HTC brands, Playstation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, and several others.


The Virtual Reality Monitor™ has been providing insights to executives, senior leaders, and marketers for over five years.

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We have a highly customized suite of deliverables to meet your budget needs. Subscribers can choose from basic packages that just include the reports or full-access that includes access to data tables, advisory reports, charts, and infographics.

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