Brand Research

Improve your brand performance.

Optimize your brand

We offer a number of services designed to provide a complete picture of your brand’s position in the market so you can create an effective brand strategy. All our services are customized to our client’s needs.

  • Learn how to position your brand among competitors.
  • Identify the attributes your audience associates with your brand.
  • Determine if current and potential customers know about the unique qualities of your brand.
  • Understand what the brand’s customers prefer and why.


Boost your brand's health.

Brand Awareness

Identifies the percent of relevant customers or consumers who are aware of a brand. This is used to establish a baseline metric for measuring brand-related initiatives and campaigns.

Brand Equity

Measures the strength of your brand and competing brands while identifying how much the role of branding leads customers to use products or services.

Brand Perception

Gauges customer perceptions, satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend a brand (NPS). This is necessary to understand critical factors for building loyalty and retention.

Brand Tracking

Measures brand health by benchmarking customer feedback on a company’s brand and its competitors’ brands over time. 

Tap into the benefits of branding research.

Make better decisions

Understand your brand's current position in the market to help find a compelling position that resonates with customers.

Track your brand health

Understand and benchmark your branding efforts against competitors. See if you are generating loyal customers.

Optimize your plans

Align your strategy with research to differenciate your brand from competitors.

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