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Thrive Analytics has built its reputation as one of the leading data-driven knowledge and insights companies. Our expertise lies in understanding behavior and uncovering intentions of people by using data. We offer a range of services to companies including loyalty analytics, campaign analytics, customer lifetime value analysis, customer prioritization, social media analytics, and more. The knowledge and insights we glean from data are presented in easy to understand dashboards and presentations helping agencies, brands and publishers take advantage of the knowledge.

Types of Services


Data has always played a critical role in business. Still, there is something different about data in today's environment. The digital age has brought with it a tremendous increase in the amount of data available to businesses. The speed with which data reaches organizations and the variety of insights it contains are completely changing. New data is produced every day, generated by social networking sites, mobile phones, global positioning satellites, business transactions, etc. We are in an era of ``Big Data``. The opportunities are enormous, as are the challenges. In fact, a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit on 586 senior executives found that 78% of organizations utilize less than 50% of their data for insights. The main reasons cited were struggles with basic aspects of data management, such as cleaning data, lack of resources, and lack of personnel with the appropriate skills. Thrive Analytics can help your organization gain insights from your data. We use several modeling techniques depending on our client's needs.


Do you know who your customers are, which ones are the most profitable, or how you should market to them? By tailoring your offerings (communications, products, channels, prices) to different groups you are able to more precisely meet the needs of more customers and consequently gain a higher level of profit from a market. While this sounds great traditional ``segmentation`` models have been tried over and over in organizations and many end up failing. They fail because they are treated as separate marketing ``gimmicks`` and they are never fully integrated into the sales processes. Thrive Analytics uses a holistic approach to develop new go-to-market strategies that include client specific customer prioritization models that ultimately result in customer loyalty, retention and more profit per customer.


Reporting requirements have changed dramatically in the past few years. Organizations today are much more streamlined and the business world is much more competitive than ever before. As an organization's business changes rapidly everyone must operate at lightning speed. In order to respond effectively and produce relevant reports, they have to engage a large number of people across the organization to create, collaborate on, and deploy reports. This is a time-consuming process that usually doesn't deliver the key metrics needed to make smart, actionable decisions. Thrive Analytics helps our clients in this area by getting them to focus on the critical few behavior-based metrics that truly drive business results. We can provide short-term support by managing the process to develop optimal reporting or we can deliver the reporting long-term for our clients.

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