Product & Pricing Research

Understand customer needs, how to meet them, and how to become more profitable.

Driving Innovation

Our end-to-end solution for product and pricing research is designed to accelerate innovation. We help clients quickly identify customer needs market opportunities and optimize products for launch, driving innovation. 

Ensure your new product's success.


Estimates market size through custom economic modeling to identify the totality of the market.


Separates existing and potential customers into meaningful groups based on behavioral, attitudinal, demographic, and psychographic data.

Needs Assessment

Identifies key elements of the customer’s experience with a brand, product, and/or service. It includes what consumers want, their expectations, and purchasing behaviors.


Go-to-market planning based on primary research ensures that your innovation hits the ground running when it reaches its market.


Uncovers key characteristics of select competitors in a given market and identifies discernible strategies employed by competitors through a scan of secondary research or primary studies.

Pricing Optimization

Analyzes the relationship between price and goods sold using regression analysis to identify the optimal price for products or services.

Sales Forecasting

Determines which variables, both internal and external to the company, drive successful sales using regression analysis to uncover statistically significant predictors of sales conversion.


Provides insights into why customers don’t return for repeat business. It can be benchmarked against the industry to see where your organization falls.


Provides a way to measure your company’s success against other similar companies to discover if there is a gap in performance that can be closed by improving your performance.

Tap into the benefits of product research.

Understand the marketplace

Select potential markets based on overall market health, size, and right-fit for your customers.

Optimize your offerings

Understand what adjustments need to be made to your offerings to succeed in the marketplace.

Optimize your revenue

Implement a sustainable pricing strategy that will avoid unnecessary customer and revenue loss.

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